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Doll Bride

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Ten years ago, in the town of Yunwu, there lived a woman named Sulian who was so beautiful that every man in town could not take his eyes off her. Sulian had been waiting faithfully for her boyfriend who tragically died in a foreign land. Long coveted by the local men, she was forcefully violated by them. The women of the town, unable to restrain their own husbands, instead slandered Sulian by calling her a promiscuous vixen. Ultimately, in a town with no legal protections, this beautiful woman was destroyed by jealousy and sin, and died as a victim. Since then, the town’s collective malice became a secret never spoken of again in Yunwu. It wasn’t until ten years later, when men began to die violently at their weddings or while taking concubines, always with a bride doll appearing at the scene, that the name Sulian was mentioned again. The curse of the doll bride left the villagers in constant fear and unrest.

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Duration: 84 Min